Welcome to Kásfabriq! We are the number one (and only) magic school in The Netherlands. We have been teaching the magical arts since 1878, however we are going to start expanding online this february! Now you do not need to travel to Boerenkoolstronksteradeel to become a master of sorceries!

Of course you need to receive a letter before you can join our wonderful school, those letters should be on the way right now. So keep an eye on the mailbox and make sure no one steals the highly coveted invitations! Don’t let them eat the cheese from your bread!!

Welcome to the Space Leiden CTF!

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Can't get enough? You can still play the previous 2022 CTF about Kaasino.

Or the CTF from 2021 about BigKaas.

Two new challenges every day in February at approx. 13:37 CET.